Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C02. Brand Development (Product)

In 2017 the Australian Macadamia industry had two big challenges – devastating weather events that played havoc on yields and low awareness of the nut’s home-grown status, particularly amongst 18-24 year olds important for the industry’s future sustainability.

Our brief was getting Australia behind this home-grown icon, and send the country (and the world) a message; the macadamia industry is open for business.

With limited budget, we needed to instil a sense of emotion and national pride. The creative thought was simple, Red Agency literally pair macadamias with one of our most loved icons.
We engaged Australia’s leading zoo, Australia Zoo, to welcome the first baby koala of the season and affectionately name him ‘Macadamia’.
Armed with emotive visuals and video, we announced Macadamia to the world, achieving wall-to-wall mainstream coverage. In 12 hours, news of Macadamia’s birth had gone global.

Earned reach totalled 180,636,493 including 95,516,235 domestically and 85,120,258 internationally. Social media engagement was phenomenal and remains the strongest ROI Australian Macadamias has ever seen. Domestically, the public claimed ‘Little Mac’ as their own.

Following the campaign, research demonstrated a 4% increase in awareness amongst 18-24 years olds when asked where macadamias come from.