Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C03. Brand Development (Service)

Despite founding online food delivery in Australia over a decade ago, Menulog faced low brand awareness and understanding of its proposition among consumers. Menulog’s challenge was to capture attention, shift customer ordering behaviour from using the phone to the Menulog app and compete with the rising strength of new challenger brands, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

To target both brand and category audiences we established a unique creative thread to tie them together – inspiring and surprising food experiences.

As the nation’s top takeaway delivery company, we decided to recruit a superstar to ‘deliver’ our message. We took much-loved Hollywood superstar and well known ‘foodie’ Jeff Goldblum, turned him into ‘Chef’ Goldblum and had him tell Australia “Less Talk (no more phone), More Eat”.

The approach dominated the food ordering industry through the launch of the Jeff campaign, integrated the brand into the everyday food occasions of Australians and educate the market about Menulog’s unique selling points.

In an integrated effort, the campaign achieved almost 1300 earned stories and a global reach of 1.4 billion. App downloads and brand searches both increased significantly, all contributing to a growth in sales throughout the year.