Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C04. Consumer Launch

In a climate of price matching and increased competition, an airline’s product offering can help it stand out from the crowd.
We needed to raise awareness of Cathay Pacific’s A350, showcasing the benefits and services offered to travelers.
We bucked the product trend and put our audience first, creating a first-of-its kind sleep guide to help combat jetlag by ensuring the best night’s sleep at 35,000 feet – in any cabin class.

Cathay Pacific’s A350 ‘Hush-Liner’ had arrived.
We partnered with the University of Western Australia to develop the guides for Cathay Pacific’s A350 aircraft, educating media and travellers on sleep hygiene before and during flight.

Within the guides, we included sleep-enhancing details relating to the A350 aircraft, such as increased humidity and cabin pressure to aid in inflight sleep.
We then developed geo-targeted Facebook posts for each of the Australian Cathay Pacific port cities, ensuring local travellers were set up for the best inflight sleep of their lives.

The approach allowed us to communicate product benefits, but in an engaging, educational and newsworthy way.
Website revenue increased and website conversion was up.