Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C04. Consumer Launch

Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection experienced by millions of people. GSK’s Lamisil is one of the world’s leading topical anti-fungal treatments designed to cure the condition. GSK wanted to introduce the brand in China a creative, memorable way. The problem was that Athlete’s Foot is almost never discussed publicly here. The silence is driven by a sense social stigma and personal shame. So what do we do? Simple. We won’t talk about it either. Instead, we got people discover it for themselves. We constructed a mock crime scene in a popular shopping mall in Shanghai. Passers-by were invited to investigate clues in the area to crack a secret message hidden in a crossword puzzle. As consumers filled out the crossword puzzle, the secret message was revealed: “Lamisil Treats Athlete’s Foot”. The message was simple, direct, and a gratifying “A-ha” moment for consumers. In total, the campaign generated 100 million social media impressions, helping lift the topic of Athlete’s Foot up to the surface from the depths of stigma and shame. Now it’s no secret that Lamisil is the solution to Athlete’s Foot, even in a market where people don’t talk about it.