Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C05. Healthcare: Ethical

In Taiwan, nearly four women is diagnosed with Cervical Cancer(CC) everyday and patients are getting younger. Young women in Taiwan are not aware of the urgency of preventive measures and exposing themselves to higher risk of getting CC. They think they are too young to develop CC and many of them are even ashamed of visiting a gynecologist. Online-to-offline, the campaign aimed to encourage young women to consult their doctors about CC prevention and take action.

the team made CC prevention as something cool and current for sisterhood by inviting a pair of celebrity best friends as co-ambassadors to inspire young women to follow suit and collaborate with trendy international brand. Also, we launch the #DoItNow online event to form the “Stratosphere effect” among young women. It has reached more than 5 million unique visits, created more than 3,000,000 views, 210,419 likes, 1,394 comments and 645 shares. On the other hand, we use new technology to shorten the time for young women to actually visit a doctor, ensuring the TA takes immediate action. Within 4 months, more than 10,000 people get vaccinated(6% of 20-30 Taiwanese women). The campaign was so successful that the HPV vaccines were out of stock.