Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C05. Healthcare: Ethical

One of the most important ways in which healthcare is changing today is the increasing involvement of patients. Whether it is at the Doctor’s office, within patient support groups, informing government policy or providing support and solidarity online, today’s patients are more vocal and more engaged than ever before. It is a trend happening the world over, including in Australia and New Zealand.

Responding to this, Janssen Australia & New Zealand developed a ground-breaking, insights-driven program that brought together health bloggers and social media influencers at the largest event of its kind, to explore opportunities to help amplify the patient voice.

The program, which was developed in response to increasing evidence that shows patients have better health outcomes when they take an active and informed role in managing their condition, witnessed 70+ online health advocates, patient groups and company employees joining together in a dialogue that helped put online health advocates at the heart of the national conversation on patient support and care.