Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Technology

In 2017, UBank sought to disrupt traditional banking for the better. The challenge was to create a story to elevate the brand and drive mass talkability across major news outlets and digital channels, which would put UBank top of mind for millions of Australians. With limited brand spend available, the campaign aimed to encourage consideration of UBank’s two core products – home loans and savings accounts.

With the above in mind, The UBank Science of Spending and Saving Experiment was born. With property prices across Australia out of control and young people struggling to save for a deposit, we chose to focus on how UBank could help people change their behaviours to reach the goal of home ownership. To dig deeper into the challenges prospective home-owners faced, we partnered with an Honorary Fellow from the University of Melbourne and expert in Consumer Neuroscience with Nuro Pty Ltd. We conducted two types of research; qualitative and quantitative, to firstly uncover the saving and spending habits of Australians, but also uncover how our brains work when it comes to impulse spending.