Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Technology

While Asian markets have embraced VR/AR technology, Asian businesses are prudent spenders when it comes to events. ARHT Asia’s challenge is educating the market and demonstrating the value of holographic technology – that they can be as impactful as live speakers and can be deployed at a reasonable cost.

The concept was to create an ultimate holographic experience with someone who appeals to but is not easily accessible to the vast majority of people in Asia Pacific. We chose a famous, well-respected personality, one of the greatest scientists of our time, Professor Stephen Hawking. At the time he was not able to travel easily, but on one Friday evening, our technology enabled him to transcend time and space to be with an audience in Asia Pacific.

We holoported Professor Stephen Hawking live to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park from Cambridge, UK to have an interactive Q&A session with 700 people. The campaign achieved coverage by 120+ media, with an online reach of 24,777,700. The event achieved an 85% turnout rate, generated 30+ potential business leads and within two months. Conversations from other business leads are ongoing.