Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C06. Technology

It’s a cloud-first, mobile-first world we live in and, as one could imagine, the quintessential office in Myanmar lags far behind this world. Microsoft’s local release of their Office 365 for Enterprises was imminent and they wanted Myanmar businesses to not just become aware of the tool, but experience it first-hand and through experiential PR launch for media and B2B stakeholders.

The agency had one day to bring home the message to business, tech and tier-1 media and enterprise customers. Our agency created an “experiential” venue for both the media and the evening attendees.

It began with a media session with key Microsoft executives in the morning to launch the product to the press and an evening stakeholder dinner including an extended agenda for Microsoft executive presentations and demos – which included regional leadership speeches, a modern violin ensemble, live demonstrations of the product and, finally, a play.

Through the power of theater and media relations, the agency was able to deliver. Not only did they achieve perfect media attendance and coverage, but the media and business-to-business stakeholders got a first-hand experience of the product and its pillars of productivity, collaboration, security and mobility.