Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C07. Business-to-Business

Telematics data for commercial vehicles is not a mainstream media story. To make it one CampaignLab launched a fully integrated campaign looking at the cost of congestion on businesses in Australia for TomTom Telematics. The objectives were to raise awareness of the brand and help drive new leads for the business.

The campaign was designed to educate business leaders on the impact congestion has on the business and drive them to the TomTom Telematics website to see how they could overcome the challenge. A congestion calculator was developed to engage the captive audience and capture potential leads for the business.

Over 100 pieces of coverage were secured, as well as the news receiving 1,200 social shares, reaching a potential audience of over 3.5M people in Australia. Thanks to the campaign, website traffic increased and TomTom Telematics secured new businesses opportunities.

Due to the success of the campaign in Australia, it has now been rolled out globally. The local marketing budget was also doubled to help aid further creative campaign development in the future.