Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C08. Sports

Centre court awash in a familiar shade of purple and green as eager fans fill the rows with their restless energy, in anticipation of one of the year’s biggest showdowns. After 57 stops, the greatest eight have made it here to Singapore. It’s been four years since we first got to Singapore, and its been quite a journey. This year, we promised the best but couldn’t guarantee the stars.

We forged partnerships, and told stories of triumphs on the Road to Singapore; more than 6,000 in 10 months, we created content on social, shared journeys, emotions and kept count as the players racked up points all while 6 million watched on Instagram – 27 million in total.

We built relations with media and guided them to tell our story, resulting in earned value, up from last year. Together with our partners, we engaged over 33,500 through community initiatives.

Four years on, the spectacle is now seen as one of the greatest sporting, lifestyle and entertainment spectacles on the global calendar. The crowds roar with each stroke, in appreciation of the craft, pace, power and finesse. A privilege enjoyed by the 133,000 who attended.