Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C08. Sports

In a state of significant growth, China’s winter sports industry remains young and keen to seize future opportunities for development. However, the Winter Olympics, as the biggest celebration of winter sports, does not enjoy the same popularity as the Summer Olympics, and will soon be hosted in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, China. To assert itself as a leader in the booming industry and attract more consumers to the Winter Olympics so as to build up winter sports and excitement for the 2022 games in China, Tencent Sports launched its “Passion for Winter Sports” platform during the 2018 Pyeongyang Winter Olympics, which integrated resources from private, public, brand, and celebrity spheres to create a winter sports ecosystem with superior industry value. The campaign also capped off the closing ceremony with a special performance that showcased the power of snow and ice’s “white technology” to connect people, reaching 1 billion spectators and further engaging 160 million users online. Tencent saw its brand recognition and use increase by 65% and 71% respectively, while its advertisement revenue jumped.