Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C09. Employee Engagement/Internal Communications

In 2016, Janssen Japan re-established ambitious long-term revenue growth targets. To deliver on these goals in the second largest pharmaceutical market globally, the Company introduced a series of structural changes to make it more agile, more competitive and more responsive to customer needs.

However, Janssen identified that structural changes alone were not enough to meet organizational objectives, and a change in culture and employee experience would be required.

To help achieve these objectives, the Communication and Public Affairs team created a program known as the HAYABUSA Way.

A HAYABUSA is both a peregrine falcon native to Japan and the name of a shinkansen (bullet train). The HAYABUSA falcon is recognized for its speed and agility, whilst the HAYABUSA shinkansen is known for its responsiveness to customer needs as it delivers a fast, reliable, safe service for millions of people.

An integrated, multi-channel communications campaign generated exceptional results, making a positive difference to patients, to Janssen colleagues and to the business, including being recognized as one of the best places to work, both internally and externally.