Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C09. Employee Engagement/Internal Communications

Vinda, a leading Chinese hygiene company, runs four core business segments, namely tissues, incontinence care, feminine care and baby care, under nine key brands. From a local start-up to a multinational corporation, Vinda claimed the largest market share in the industry in 2017. Staff in China numbered nearly 13,000 employees which created a major internal communication challenge. Employees lacked brand awareness of Vinda’s philosophy of “Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Vinda”, and the company’s vision of becoming a leading hygiene company in Asia. With staff in different age groups, lifestyles and interests, Vinda urgently needed to find common ground to engage and interact with employees, and instil pride in providing high quality hygiene products and services. A research project was conducted which provided powerful insight to launch a unique internal communication channel. Vinda created Vindapedia, an exclusive Vinda WeChat enterprise account for corporate announcements, fun online games with incentives, comics and greeting cards with social and seasonal hot topics to cater for staff common interests. Vindapedia was a great success and quickly became a popular platform. Six months after the launch, it gained 12,576 followers, which is 99% of all employees and more than 80% of the staff enjoyed the content.