Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C09. Employee Engagement/Internal Communications

Our firm is one of Asia’s leading PR consultancies with over 600 employees and operating across 40 cities in India. Given its leadership and vibrancy, there is always something or the other that is happening in the consultancy. It could be new recruits joining the organisation, or winning awards, or even on-boarding of a new client. It was important to make such announcements pan-organisational. Therefore, the The team decided to create a 24×7 dedicated streaming radio station that provided an engaging content platform that leveraged an existing (and prevalent) habit of listening to music. The team decided to inform, educate and entertain all the employees at the same time. The radio station, named Frequency, was made available as an app – available 24×7 so that employees can tune in at will either through their laptops or smartphones.Frequency is definitely a first-of-its-kind radio station in the public relations universe that has deepened employee engagement. Now, the online radio channel provides timely, accurate and curated information and entertainment to a multitude of employees across branch offices.