Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C10. Corporate Branding

Monaco, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, engaged The Hoffman Agency in July 2017 to raise awareness of cryptocurrency as a mainstream payment method and build Monaco’s profile as a company that provides high-impact and intuitive financial products for mass consumers that help them save money and use cryptocurrency around the world. Fresh off its token sale, Monaco was eager to build its reputation as a reliable FinTech provider to a wider audience.

With this in mind, The Hoffman Agency’s top priority was to generate trust for Monaco in the “digital Wild West” cryptocurrency industry by establishing Monaco’s reputation as a credible and trustworthy organization. We started communications in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and the United States. Once that trust was built, we expanded the campaign across Europe, Japan, and Korea.

In just six short months with no paid media, the campaign generated over 100,000 user registrations and app downloads across the globe. In addition, the value of Monaco’s cryptocurrency token (MCO) went from US$2.28 on July 5, 2017 to US$19.13 on January, 5, 2018. Furthermore, MCO was the most traded cryptocurrency in the world on December 6, 2017 (surpassing even bitcoin) with a market capitalization.