Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C11. Public Affairs

Helmed by Mr. Satyarthi, the Bharat Yatra was the world’s largest organized mass mobilization. Covering India across 22 states, over 11,000 kms in 35 days, the Yatra espoused the cause of millions of children fearful of sexual violence and trafficking.

The media outreach was focused on the engagement of publications ranging from the premium to the vernacular throughout the country. The content team was instrumental in creating and placing original content viz. seeded stories and thought leadership articles which added tremendous visibility to the campaign.

The cumulative media coverage of the 4-month campaign garnered 4000 unique pieces spanning over 15 languages across various mediums. Over 100 on-ground interviews were facilitated and sensitized over 500 million citizens.

Over 50 front page stories and 10+ prime time interviews later, the Foundation has been acknowledged as the leading crusader for children and their protection. About 50 opinion pieces were published along the route, establishing Mr. Satyarthi’s thought leadership across the country.

The Yatra broke the silence surrounding child sexual abuse and bought together many prominent personalities to push the government to re-engage with the subject.