Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C12. Corporate Publications

Since 2014, we have recognized that the traditional ways in which Microsoft’s diverse range of stakeholders (customers, partners, government, industry, the media) access and consume information about the company have rapidly become less relevant. Believing that communications practitioners need to reinvent themselves into storytellers in a new world of communications, Microsoft embarked on a shift from a predominantly traditional PR approach, to a model that better integrates owned and earned media. The goal was to increase reach and engage our various audiences efficiently, effectively, with agility, and at scale.

We took on the new challenge of creating signature digital content through the Asia Vision Series, which is a compilation of long-form multimedia stories designed to help shape the news agenda of media and influencers via the Microsoft Asia News Center; as well as used as bylined articles for media placements. The series represents the cumulation of our investment in building a digital news platform to better engage internal and external stakeholders in a new digital world. It allows us to tell our own stories proactively and directly to our stakeholders. Through it, we have become a publisher in our own right.