Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C13. Financial Communications

To attract Hong Kong investors’ attention to a GEM listing of a traditional manufacturer of baby products during a volatile market is indeed challenging. With established business fundamentals, own-brand ‘mides’ which is popular among local mommies, and a dedicated management team that trusted and worked closely with us, Mansion International was eventually listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with overwhelming subscription response and healthy first-day closing price. Extensive brand associations have been applied throughout the campaign with an aim to position Mansion International as a consumer / retail brand company, which could give it higher stock valuation compared to being viewed as a traditional industrial manufacturer. Efforts have also been placed on crafting suitable messages that appeal to the investment community, including focusing on growth prospects of the PRC market (riding on the latest two-child policy), highlighting the fact that previous period losses were temporary, and others. The share offer was well-received by investors and the listing was completed within a much shorter time frame compared to usual IPOs. Profiles of both the ‘mides’ baby products brand and the ‘Mansion International’ corporate brand were enhanced in the Hong Kong financial market after the listing project.