Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C13. Financial Communications

In 2017, QBE Insurance Asia Pacific (QBE) conducted a survey on business liability and professional indemnity insurance with business leaders and professionals in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. MHP Communications (MHP) was engaged to help design a campaign to grow QBE’s profile in this area of insurance, based on the survey findings.

Working together, QBE and MHP developed the ‘The Risks of Regret – Business Liability and Professional Indemnity Report’. The campaign strategy was based around three key elements:creating a compelling message to motivate business owners to care more about business liability and professional indemnity insurance; developing personalised communications to demonstrate QBE’s local knowledge of key business risks; (iii) boosting the general awareness of the issues businesses face around liability and professional indemnity.

The campaign theme ‘The Risks of Regret’, was based on a key insight that businesses surveyed were more likely to seek business liability and professional indemnity cover only after an incident. To bring this to life our creative theme was ‘Voice of the Customer’ which used imagery of everyday customers and verbatim quotes.