Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C14. Issues, Crisis or Reputational Management

As the world’s largest seafood producer, Thai Union became a focal point for the international debate around slavery, damage to the marine environment and illegal fishing practices in seafood supply chains. Reports by The Associated Press and The New York Times in 2015-16 exposed unacceptable human rights violations in Thailand and throughout the fishing industry. Thai Union took the lead with a cohesive plan to address the diverse issues facing the sector, wider cooperation across the industry and engagement with the media and stakeholders.

Seeking to drive positive transformation throughout the global seafood industry and address the problems that had been discovered, through SeaChange® Thai Union set out its clear commitments. SeaChange® was built around four main pillars of action: Safe and Legal Labor, designed to address abuses of human and employment rights in the supply chain; Responsible Sourcing, based around traceability to ensure the health, productivity and resilience of the oceans now and for generations to come; Responsible Operations, to manage and reduce the impact of the industry on climate change; and People and Communities, to improve the lives of those living and working in the communities where Thai Union operates.