Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C15. Media Relations

RTG Holdings (RTG), a leading F&B operator in South East Asia, introduced Taiwan’s well-known bubble tea brand, Gong Cha, to Singapore in 2009. However, a desire to create a home-grown bubble tea brand and personal business circumstances, led RTG’s Managing Director, Rodney Tang, to take the plunge to create LiHO, and turn it into a new bubble tea beverage chain.

Besides overcoming challenges such as ending the Gong Cha franchise and rolling out 80+ LiHO outlets island-wide within the first two-weeks of operations, the campaign helped the brand achieve growth in sales revenue during the first month of operations. There were also approximately 140 pieces of earned traditional and online media articles, and more than 50 minutes of non-paid videos created by traditional news media, online channels, influencers and the public.

As a result, LiHO, a new bubble tea brand, came into a Singapore market cornered by a dominant incumbent, and become a top bubble tea chain with over 80 outlets in Singapore, within a period of two months.