Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C15. Media Relations

In July 2017, Singapore became the first Asian market to launch the Magnum pint, an entirely new ice cream format for the brand. Being long known to consumers for its indulgent ice cream in a stick format, we faced the challenge of educating consumers on how to enjoy Magnum’s fresh new pints product and driving desirability for this new format over more established competitors already on the market with a specific focus on encouraging consumption at home.

In order to stand out from the competition in Singapore’s highly saturated ice cream market and raise awareness for the new pints, we implemented an experience-led strategy that we knew would excite not only media, influencers and celebrities, but Singaporean consumers as well. For widespread talkability and sharability across all communications platforms through unique and immersive brand experiences never before seen in Singapore.

The campaign enjoyed great success, garnering high amounts of earned coverage across online and social media as well as massive excitement, sampling and user generated content amongst consumers. The combined launch efforts for Magnum pints saw Magnum sales grow by double digits in 2017.