Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C16. Public Sector

India may be one of the world’s fastest growing economies but its post-harvest losses account for billions annually, making it one of the most under-developed food processing countries in the world. To reenergize India’s food processing sector, Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) organized World Food India (WFI), India’s first-ever global investor summit in the food processing sector. It wasn’t easy getting a “B2B” topic like food processing into mainstream conversation and making WFI stand out from the plethora of government summits. World Food India captured India’s imagination by successfully attempting a Guinness World Record for the largest quantity of “khichdi” (a dish made of lentils and rice and one of India’s most eaten dishes) ever cooked, and exhorted Indians to waste less food. Using public relations, advertising, digital engagement and social media, Sanjeev Kapoor, India’s most recognized chef, led the attempt to break the record, and made “khichdi” the most buzzed-about word in India. World Food India resulted in coverage in print articles, online articles, electronic coverage clips resulting into creating 60+ million impressions in a span of three months.