Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C17. Corporate Social Responsibility

Ben & Jerry’s is a long-time champion of marriage equality. In Australia, it had been fiercely debated but had yet to be legalised, despite research showing 72% of Australians supported it.

We sought to mobilise Ben & Jerry’s fanbase, providing a unique perspective on marriage equality that would garner their support and generate talkability ahead of a Parliamentary sitting, putting pressure on MPs to allow the public to decide policy.

Our idea? Ben & Jerry’s would ban the sale of two scoops of the same ice cream flavour in its Australian stores symbolising the lack of choice same-sex couples had. No same-sex marriage, no same-same flavour scoops – until marriage equality is legalised. It was a world-first – no other brand of Ben & Jerry’s stature had made such a stance.

We generated widespread coverage and conversation, reaching over two-thirds of Australians. Thousands visited stores with the ban reminding customers to support The Equality Campaign. International media picked up the story with Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher declaring his support to his 18 million+ followers.

Marriage equality is now legal in Australia with this campaign playing a small role in driving the agenda along, bringing colour to the previous aggressive narrative.