Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C19. Non-Profit

At least one elephant is lost to poaching every week in Myanmar. Elephants are killed for their skin, tail hairs, teeth and ivory which are sold by illegal wildlife traders in markets locally and internationally. In 2017, multiple skinned elephant carcasses were found in hotspots Bago, Yoma and Ayeyarwaddy Delta, yet most people in the country go about their daily lives not knowing of this tragedy taking place in their backyard. If the crisis continues, Myanmar could lose all its wild elephants by 2030.

The six-month campaign aimed to reach residents in Myanmar and beyond, in a bid to protect the elephants. This was done through first creating awareness, then generating empathy to drive action. As a result of this campaign, the European Union heads of mission in Myanmar issued a statement addressing the issue of illegal wildlife trade in Myanmar. Two key markets in the country have vowed to end illegal wildlife trade in early 2018, and the Myanmar Government is moving towards clearing wildlife trade hotspots around the country.