Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C20. Public Education

Taiwan has out-ranked the rest of the world in excessive hours of smartphone daily usage. Clinical statistics confirmed that macular degeneration, an age-related ocular disease and ranked as the 3rd major cause for blindness, used to be found in elders over 60s, now strikes Taiwanese at a much younger age due to intensive blue ray exposures. As a mobile carrier, Taiwan Star provides telecommunication services to enrich people’s life anytime anywhere, but unintentionally, we also contribute to the deterioration of macular degeneration in the process. Therefore, we set “Macular Degeneration Prevention” as our CSR initiative. It’s the first time macular degeneration was brought up to spotlight among all the well-known ocular disease. In 2016, we debuted a CSR campaign known as “ROLL YOUR EYES” to raise the attention of macular degeneration. Given that the disease is too complicated to be understood, in 2017 we switched to emphasize the symptoms of macular degeneration, which is a black spot at central vision, to alert the consequence and to induce behavior change in one’s daily life, trying to raise public awareness and to advocate the importance of taking a 5-minute break to relax and roll one’s eyes every 30 minutes of smartphone usage.