Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C21. Promotional Activity

Nowadays many serious problems occur around the world: extinction, poaching and global warming but almost everyone is apathetic in reality. Kodansha’s animal encyclopedia “MOVE” is the top selling in Japan. Despite this, children are getting far from nature today. Here, our creative idea is Cosplay Encyclopedia. Various animal suits are prepared at the venue-pill bugs, penguins, lions and basilisks. Children can enjoy learning the animals’ special techniques through their five senses. At each display panel and attraction, children are able to learn more detailed information about the animals. By using every part of their body, the true animal life is gained not as knowledge but as a physical experience. A special promotion was also implemented on UN World Wildlife Day, giving out encyclopedia with personalized photos on the cover. This personalized book became a topic and succeeded growing awareness toward protecting wildlife. Cosplay Encyclopedia changed the relationships between encyclopedia and children in this digital age. Sustainable development is more valued and required. By changing encyclopedia from “to read” to “to wear,” this campaign made children feel animal life and reminded them the importance of biodiversity conservation. This PR activity would expand globally and possible to change our global environment.