Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C22. Integrated Marketing

The Fund for Peace is an international not-for-profit organization. They needed to cut through the apathy of a public that’s become numb to the suffering of 65.6 million people displaced by conflict and persecution.

Using the annual rich lists that we love looking at to make us see what we’ve become blind to, we created The Bottom 100: a collection of a hundred faces and stories from the other end of the world’s rich list. It puts a human face to the suffering of millions, helping to personalise their struggles, and get a society and media fixated with the richest to start talking about the poorest.

Launched on World Refugee Day 2017 this two year-long passion project shines a light on the people at the other end of the spectrum. The Bottom 100 was shot on five continents, in 12 countries and covered 23 different nationalities, bringing to life the personal stories of one hundred of the world’s poorest people providing a greater insight into how people become deeply impoverished, often through circumstances beyond their control – violence, conflict, disaster and displacement. Generating mass coverage, interest and stakeholder engagement.