Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C23. Experiential PR

XC90 Excellence is VOLVO’s highest grade 4-seater SUV with chauffeur-driven specification. The product is equipped with various luxury features such as quietness and running stability as well as storage type table and bottle cooler that can store 2 bottles of 750 ml. In order to deliver the features of this car, we carried out a startle campaign. We transformed XC 90 Excellence as a private room and opened the first high-class in-vehicle restaurant in the world. While visiting beautiful scenery spots, as a completely new restaurant we picked up specialties of famous restaurants and served them. Along with the driver, a sommelier is seated in the passenger’s seat, making it possible to respond to any kinds of requests from the customer. The recommendation of this store is the ultimate full course beyond genre curated by Yukio Hattori, the original Iron Chef. Full course which boldly combines Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian cuisine, and store specialty is so to speak, the all-star team of gastronomy. The target who visited this restaurant can enjoy the beautiful scenery seen through the car window one dish at time, and the comfortable and gorgeous drive of XC 90 Excellence.