Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C23. Experiential PR

Declining interest in politics among youngsters is a global issue. The same goes true for Japan. Even in the most recent national elections, Japan’s voter turnout remains at 52.7%. This is much lower than the average voter turnout rate of G 20 which is 67.6%. To solve this issue, we opened a new political institution “SIMCITY BUILDIT SCHOOL OF POLITICS” which enables studying politics using SimCity as a teaching material for 2 months from 6/26. In the lecture, SimCity which is known as town development sandbox game was utilized as simulation software. By simulating policies in topics such as news in the game, we discussed the pros and cons of that policy. In addition, as a lecturer, top talent with knowledge such as former governor, university professor, journalist, businessman, etc. gathered. Students gained opportunity of first-class education while using games as teaching materials. Also, to learn more deeply, current issues related to Japan (shortage of nursery school problems, pollution problems of Tsukiji fish market etc) were added as in-game elements. Additionally, by publishing original textbooks supervised by lecturers and delivering lectures online, we provided opportunities for people in Japan to learn this special lesson.