Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C24. Influencer Marketing

The team were tasked with making Converse relevant amongst Gen Z (15-19 year olds) who aren’t letting brands define what cool is. We needed to find a way for Gen Z to advocate and influence potential customers of its One Star sneaker.

Knowing that Gen Z hang out on social media and from research found that they don’t respond to typical ads or gimmicks; they prefer ads with real people in real situations. So by using influencer marketing solution, the team identified and collaborated with the Gen Z target market via social media, leveraging UGC and personalisation.

We started tailored conversations with 200 of the cream of the Gen Z crop, who others look up to for style and cultural inspiration. We gave them an unforgettable real-life experience they couldn’t resist sharing on social media with their loyal followers.

From this, we invited them to join Converse X, an exclusive group with ongoing priority access and an opportunity to become a Converse advocate.