Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C25. Best Use of Content

The brief was simple – change Victorian law and stop the horror experienced by terminally ill patients. We needed to create a movement for change, getting everyday Australians to stand up for legislative change and encourage politicians to vote YES on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in Victoria.

An integrated strategy was developed to reframe the suffering of a terminally ill patient as a thing of horror, at the heart was Stop the Horror – a short film positioned as a new edition to the horror genre, unbeknownst (initially) to viewers, it documented the real-life story of the final days of a terminally ill patient’s life.

It was so distressing, a ‘STOP THE HORROR’ button was included on-screen. Once audiences hit the button, they were directed to a landing page with information on voluntary assisted dying and the proposed legislation. Here, they were encouraged to take action – to support lobbying efforts, to donate and to share content on social media directly to their local MPs, demanding change.