Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C25. Best Use of Content

Launching a retirement related campaign in Hong Kong encounters several major challenges. Retirement is a serious and complex subject that demands careful preparation and timely action, yet many young and middle-aged people prioritize their immediate needs and defer long-term planning. This was confirmed in the findings of the Manulife Investor Sentiment Index 2016 and 2017. Even generally well-informed consumers have told Manulife that they find the topic of retirement as complicated as it is boring. The local market is also awash with uninspiring and polarized retirement messaging from different financial institutions. There is not much differentiation among all these products and solutions. To help address these issues for the sake of individuals, families and the community as a whole, Manulife wanted to resonate with the needs of the people to action on retirement planning and engage with them with relevant and powerful content and insights