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In India, dengue has emerged as one of the biggest threats to public health. Last year, more than 1 lakh dengue cases were reported in India with 245 unfortunate dengue deaths. While people are aware of the cause of dengue, there is a lack of awareness on how dengue can be cured. The dengue situation was at its worse in Delhi, hence the brand identified the city to launch India’s first platelet donor community. Our objective was to Drive awareness around platelet donation and create India’s first platelet donor community.

The brand commissioned a survey that states 94% of citizens are unaware about the critical level of platelet count below which platelet transfusion is required. Ready availability of a platelet donor becomes critical, as unlike blood, platelets cannot be stored for more than 5 days. The report also informed that 80% of the citizens are unaware of this fact. To put together a platelet donor community, we needed to identify the right partner. We strategically partnered with Apollo Hospitals We launched in Delhi considering the grave dengue situation in the city. We organized a press meet with spokespersons from Apollo and Godrej.