Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C32. Japan/Korea PR Campaign of the Year

310,000 visually challenged have difficulty in voting. 90% of the visually challenged people use screen reader software to “vocalize” information from the internet everyday. However, this software vocalizes the textual information written on the HTML file, but it is not suited to vocalize PDF files. Nevertheless, the official information about the candidate is required to be posted online as a PDF file. The visually challenged were unable to obtain the most necessary information: candidates information. We wanted to provide a solution for the visually challenged and notify the public of this issue. So, we launched a microsite containing comprehensive candidate information. This website was intended to let the sighted realize this unknown human rights problem and enable the visually challenged to smoothly access candidate information. This website has detailed personal information of the candidates, comparable policy check sheet among parties, questionnaires, and specially columns about the election.