Award: CAMPAIGN AWARDS \ C34. Southeast Asia PR Campaign of the Year

Lunar New Year is a time of togetherness, but many young Singaporeans take advantage of the public holiday to travel overseas. This growing trend compromises the values of Lunar New Year and as an airline, Jetstar was directly contributing to the problem.

We needed to become part of the solution. How? Instead of encouraging people to travel, we encouraged the opposite: Stay home.

We invited young Singaporeans to be interviewed about their travel habits on film. During the interview, we offered them free Jetstar flight tickets. The catch? They had to miss reunion dinner to take it. All of them accepted, but unbeknown to them, we had also asked their family the exact same question earlier. We showed them their families’ responses, and after watching their family members explaining how important reunion dinners are to them, all of them chose to give up their tickets.

In just two weeks after the campaign launched, our video was viewed over 1.2 million times and secured PR value across 32 pieces locally.

By shifting our focus from what was “good for the business” to what was good for our audience, we showed just how significantly Jetstar Asia understands local consumers.