Award: CONSULTANCIES AWARDS \ CN03. Japan/Korea PR Consultancy of the Year

Korea has been going through massive changes with risks higher than ever. At the heart of this “unpredictability” is the key kick-back every corporation is facing – uncertainty where public opinion, regulations, and market standards are going through vast periods of change and pre-planning for business growth is blocked by numerous uncertainties. The industry has never been tougher and it has never been more vital to demonstrate value to clients. Despite the circumstances, Synergy Hill+Knowton Strategies (Synergy H+K) achieved outstanding performance in 2017, working hard to implement new strategies that deepened client relationships and resulted in continued growth, with revenue, margins, and staff numbers increasing. Demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges clients face during uncertain times has enabled us to elevate our service to high-level consultation and resulted in high retention rate (85%) of existing clients and securing of high-level senior counsel projects for a number of new clients.